Trick to Use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G Phones with Unlimited Free Internet (100% Working)

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All People are using Jio 4G Sim in 4G Mobile with unlimited internet, calling. But who have 3G Mobile they are very sad. Because they can’t use this awesome Jio Free Welcome Offer with unlimited 4G internet. But here i am back with an awesome trick in which you can use Jio 4G Sim in 3G Mobile Phones. Here is a special trick to use Free Reliance Jio 4G Sim in your 3G Android Mobile with Jio Free Welcome Offer. Also you can use unlimited 4G Internet till 31st December, 2016. So many people are waiting or asking to use Jio Sim in 3G Mobile Phones. So now the wait is over here i am going to share two trick to use Jio 4G sim in 3G Mobile. Just use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G Android Mobile Phones with unlimited 4G internet. This trick is working perfectly in all mobile. But not working on all Smartphone. To use Jio sim in 3G Mobile you have to check first your Chipset of your Mobile, then you have to follow our steps to use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in any 3G Mobile Phones.


First check your device Chipset – Download CPU Z & Open, You will get your device information. If your device will be Mediatek then follow Mediatek Trick or I your device have Qualcomm Chipset then follow Qualcomm Trick.


Trick to Use Relaince Jio 4G Sim in Any 3G Android Mobile Phones

How to Use Jio Sim in Mediatek Chipset Devices :-

  • First download – MTK Engineering Mode app
  • Install & Open the app.
  • Select MTK Setting.
  • Select Network Selecting/Preferred Network Option.
  • Now select 4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM from drop down list.
  • Click on Save.
  • Now Switch off your device.
  • Insert Relinace Jio Sim in 1st Slot.
  • Switch On your device & you will get Relinace Jio Network.
  • You will get Jio Network in mode of 3G.
  • Enjoy Jio Sim Free Welcome Offer with unlimited internet till 31st December, 2016.

How to Use Jio Sim in Qualcomm Devices :-

  • First download – Shortcut Master (Lite) app
  • Install & Open the app.
  • Click on top right upper 3 dots.
  • Now Search & Type “Service Menu” or “Engineering Mode”.
  • Select “Syestem App” option for deep search.
  • If your found Engineering Mode open it & change ti to LTE Bands.
  • If it will not work.
  • Then Dial – *#2263#
  • Now select Menu & Click Back Again then Select Menu.
  • Goto Key Input and Enter “0000” and after that you will get Popup.
  • Select UE Setting from the Popup.
  • Now select Setting>Protoco>NAS>Network Control> Band Selection> LTE Band>The Select “Band 40”.
  • Now insert Reliance Jio Sim in your 3G Mobile.
  • You will get the Signals.
  • Enjoy the unlimited internet in your 3G mobile.


    • Bro this trick is working in Mediatek Chipset most of time. But not on all device.

      If you still want to get Jio sim with unlimited internet then just buy JioFi at Rs.1999 & enjoy Jio net in all of mobile, pc, laptop via JioFi router

    • Yout device is not 4G, but first try this method if LTE mode option is available then go for it otherwise Jio sim is useless for you.

      Or just spend Rs.1999 & buy JioFi router. Also you can buy it very easily. After that you can use jio unlimited net calling till the end kf this year in all mobile via jiofi router wifi

    • Bro this trick is working in most of mediatek device but not in all.

      Their is one alternative for you just buy JioFi @ Rs.1999 & enjoy unlimited net calling till end of this year. One of the best thin is that you can buy easily from digital store.

    • If above trick is not working then no more trick is available.

      If you still want to use Jio unlimited net till end of this year. Just buy JioFi at Rs.1999 & enjoy unlimited internet bro. This is the best alternative for you.

  1. Dear Shahnawaz. Brought jiofi device and sim got activated. Removed it from jiofi device and put it in volte enabled phone. Now calling, SMS is working fine but internet is not working at all. Signal strength and LTE symbol is very much enabled. Suggest what could be the reason.

    • Bro just install Myjio app and login your account & check your plan after that reboot your device. If still you will face issue then i think you can use internet via Jiofi only. If Welcome offer will be enable on your number then i think your sim will work on all mobile. Bro i recommend to use via Jiofi because via Jiofi you will get good speed also you can use calling facility via Myjio app.

  2. I have Jio sim but not yet activate . It will activate within 15 days. Also I am wonder if the trick working . So any one work the above trick on 3g phone… and can we get free calling also?

  3. My phone is xperia e3 with a qualcomm snapdragon processor..i downloaded the app shorcut master but i cant find the engineering mode nor the service mode its not there..any solution??

    • This trick work on Mediatek Chipset, In Samsung S4, it has Exynos chipset. If your Mobile has LTE Option then only you can use Jio 4G

    • Bro this trick will not work on all handset, Only some Mediatek chipset support this trick. We will update few more trick, may be those will work.


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