Cafe Coffee Day Refer & Earn Offer : Get Free Rs.150 on Downloading of CCD App + Rs.50 on Each Referral (New Unlimited Trick)

(ALL INDIA WORKING, UPDATE 4th March 2017 Offer) CCD App Refer & Earn Loot Unlimited Trick, CCD App Free Wallet Offer – Download CCD App Use New CCD Referral Code – SHAH91 & Get Rs.150 on Sign up + Refer & Earn Rs.100 (Earn Unlimited CCD Wallet Money)

CCD (Cafer Coffe Day) App New Year Biggest Loot Offer working All Over India Unlimited Trick, Free CCD App Referral Code – SHAH91 Rs.150 Discount on Your Order, CCD Trick to Order Food, Drinks in Free, CCD Refer Earn Rs.100 Loot, Download & Now Get Rs.150 in CCD Wallet By Sign up & Adding Lime Wallet. NOW VALID ALL OVER INDIA

Cafe Coffee Day is one of the famous name and brand which is available in India. All of you already know about the CCD because it is available in all over India. Few days ago we shared Cafe Coffe Day Free Cappuccino voucher offer & other CCD offer. But today i am going to share another big loot offer Cafe Coffee Day. Cafe Coffee Day launched the CCD application for all users and also presented a promotional offer on CCD App. Now just download the CCD app and you will get Rs.100 Free in your CCD Wallet. This is the cool offer for this summer because only downloading of app you get Rs.100 in CCD wallet. Also CCD presented the Refer & Earn offer in which you will get Rs.150 on each referral and also the your friend will get Rs.100 on sign up when they use your referral code. So this one the amazing offer because you can use your full wallet in CCD outlet at the payment time. So hurry up and grab the loot Cafe Coffee Day Refer & Earn offer and earn unlimited money in wallet.

UPDATE CCD Referral Code – SHAH91 : Now CCD changed the Referral amount, Now you will get Rs.150 on Sign up (Rs.100+Rs.50). Also you will get free Rs.50 on every referral.

Free Rs.100 on Downloading of CCD App + Rs.150 on Each Referral (Loot)

How To Get Free Rs.150 on Sign up in CCD App Wallet :-

  • First download the – Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) app
  • Open the app and Click on Sign up.
  • Enter your Mobile Number and verify via OTP.
  • Apply Referral Code – SHAH91 to get Free Rs.100 in wallet.
  • Hurry, Now you will get 100 Beans which is equal to Rs.100.
  • Finally Rs.100 will be added in your CCD wallet.
  • Activate Lime wallet to get total Free Rs.150 in Cafe Coffee Day wallet.
  • You can use your wallet money as payment in CCD outlet (Now this features is extended and available in all over India. So hurry up and loot CCD).


How To Get Extra Rs.50 in CCD Wallet (Total Rs.150) :-

  • Open CCD app.
  • Click on Menu then My Balance.
  • Click on Wallet.
  • Now click on Add Lime Account.
  • Enter OTP.
  • Fill in your Name, Date of Birth, Security answer and set 4 digit mpin.
  • Finally you will get extra Rs.50 credit in CCD Wallet.
  • Totally you will get Rs.150 on Sign up.
  • To use Lime wallet Rs.50 Beans you have to add Rs.1 in Lime wallet via CCD App. After adding you can use both Rs.100 CCD Beans + Rs.51 Lime wallet beans. Lime wallet beans can be used on any order.

Refer & Earn Rs.100 on Each Referral :-

  • Open the app, Click on top left menu option.
  • Now click on Refer option.
  • Enter your name here to generate the Referral code.
  • Share your referral code with your friends & family.
  • Copy your referral code and share it.
  • On each referral you will get 50 Beans when your friend sign up using your referral code, Also your friend will get 100 Beans at Sign up.
  • You will get more 100 when your friend use app for payment.
  • Finally you will get 150 Beans on each referral.
  • 1 Beans = Re.1
  • 100 Bean = Rs.100

How To Redeem CCD Beans (Order or Buy Free Cappuccino, Drinks, Beverage at Cafe Coffee Day) :-

  • First visit nearest CCD Outlet.
  • Order any Beverage also you can order Cappuccino.
  • Now open CCD app.
  • Click on Menu > My Balance > Pay > Pay via Beans.
  • Now a QR Code will be generated.
  • Show the QR Code at Counter to CCD Staff.
  • They scan your QR Code via Scanner.
  • Finally Rs.100 will be deducted from your CCD app.
  • Enjoy the order at free of cost.

UPDATE : Now you can use Rs.75+Rs.51 (Rs.126) from your Sign up Bonus. If you have Referral money then you can use your full beans.


New Unlimited Trick of CCD App (Without Root) (No Root Needed) :-

  • Download Unofficial & Closed Version Of Apk Cloner – Click Here
  • Now Goto CCD App In Apk cloner .
  • Now do the following changes given below.
  1. Goto Privacy → Change Android ID, then Create New Android ID then Generate New Android ID in every cloning .
  2. In Privacy Click Hide IMEI & Also Tick Hide Mac Address .
  3. Go Back , Click Display Option Above Of Privacy .
  4. Go To Bottom And Click On Sharing Image On Clicking .
  5. Now Go Back And Where There Clone No. is Written Click Three Dots On Side To It .
  6. Now Click Batch Cloning .
  7. In First Column Write 1 In Second Any No. Till No. Of Clones You Want . You Can Go Till 99 . If Ur Device Is Xiaomi Redmi android Phones, you Can Do Any As Their Ram Is Good . But If Any Other Phone Then I Prefer Max 10 .
  8. Now Click Set Badge As Clone No.
  9. Now Start Cloning By Clicking On Tick Arrow .
  10. Let It Complete .
  11. When All 10 Clones Are Ready You Can Install Them One By One But Don’t Click Back While Cloning Else Remains Ready Clones Will Be Gone . You Have 10 Clones .
  12. Each Have Different Android I’d So You Can Register New Account In Each .



Unlimited Trick To Get Unlimited Money in CCD Wallet :-

  • Once you used CCD app then Goto Setting & clear the Data of CCD app.
  • Install Device ID Changer & Xprivacy.
  • Open device id changer & click on Random & Apply.
  • Now open Xprivacy.
  • You will see full list of app which is installed in your device.
  • Find CCD app in Xprivacy app.
  • Now click on CCD app and open it, you will find so many option.
  • Scroll down the page and click tick on the option Phone, Identification & Location.
  • After that click on menu Left upper corner of dotted line.
  • Click on Setting and scroll down the option page.
  • You will see the option CLEAR and RANDOMIZE NOW.
  • Click on RANDOMIZE NOW option.
  • Now click on Save button, which is in upper right corner.
  • Close the Xprivacy app after Randomize.
  • No Finally Open CCD app, Enter number & OTP use Referral Code – SHAH91 to get Rs.150 in CCD wallet.
  • Use the CCD app at CCD store.
  • Now repeat the above process to get free Rs.150 every time.
  • Just cleat data of CCD app & follow above steps.
  • Enjoy the CCD loot offer.


  1. Download Cafe Coffee Day App and use referral code NAVI31. You will get Rs 100 in Beans balance and Rs 50 in Wallet. Use this Rs 150 in any CCD store and enjoy your free coffee/drink/shake.

  2. Hurry!Download the new CCD App and earn 100 FREE Beans = ₹100 to pay for your beverages. Click link: to download

    use referral code SAND562 to get free 100 beans

    (Referral code is compulsory to get 100 beans)

    (Now valid for all india)

    • @Hanish cappuccino price is Rs.108 in my city with tax. Also you can buy cold beverage. Mostly beverage price under Rs.150 with tax. So i recommended just add Lime wallet you will get extra Rs.50 & again add Rs.1 in Lime wallet via DC/CC/Net Banking then you can use your all Rs.150 at one order

  3. Use any 1 of the referral code mentioned below to getRs 150 wallet balance in CCD app+Lime wallet.Valid on CCD outlet all over india :

  4. Do we need ROOTED mobile for this trick –> Unlimited Trick To Get Unlimited Money in CCD Wallet or it will work in unrooted mobiles.

    • In rooted mobile you can earn unlimited beans, IF you have non rooted mobile then try Parallel Space app to create new account

  5. Yeahhh!! Even Me too facing same the problem from yesterday getting an error message “Oops! There was an error creating wallet. Please try again.”

  6. Use this unique code MAYA5230 (only used by ccd staff members) to get 251Rs. and you can use more than 75 beans (without any limitation) on your purchase.
    I personally tried it.
    Offer is for limited time.Hurry up guys!

  7. Bro now only 75 beans can be redeemed for 1st time users. Kindly update. + 50 in lime wallet. We get 100 but only, 75 can ve redeemed

    • Yes now you can use Rs.75+Rs.50 only on 1st time. But if you refer more then you can use all amount after 1st time

  8. Hi
    Now i tried to create lime wallet but app says that we are unable to create lime wallet.
    Now lime wallet is on axis bank app.
    What to do???

  9. Hii admin…will Device id changer and Xprivacy app work in non rooted phones?
    Plz do reply and if no wats the way out ???

  10. Hi
    Now i tried to create lime wallet but app says that we are unable to create lime wallet.
    Now lime wallet is on axis bank app.
    What to do???

  11. Hii….juss tell me one thing, can i use same number in all cloned apps….???…
    And in root device trick, can put always same number????

  12. The problem is that” how to get so many nos access to get unlimeted beans”
    Bro one person cannot have more than 10 or 15 or 20 nos of access in his social or friend circle….

    Do u have a trick which works always with same no.

    • This is the process. like you have 10-20 friends or now all people have 4-5 number. So if you have 9-10 number in your family use all. If you use your own referral code then you will get Rs.50 in main account on every referral. Also you can use your friends number or just buy OTP at price Rs.5-Rs.10 with your friends/FB Friends. Hope you will understand the process,

    • You can also create modded apk via APK Editor app, Just download Editor app, open CCD in Editor app & Rename the Version of app in new version & install it again.


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