(All Answers) Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz : Answer and Win OnePlus 6T Smartphone


Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz Answer

(All Answers) Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz 6th January : Answer & Win OnePlust 6T Smartphone

Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz Answers, Amazon OnePlust 6T Quiz 10th February, Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz Today Answer, Amazon Today Quiz Question Answers, Amazon Quiz Time OnePlus Quiz Contest Answers and Win OnePlus 6T Smartphone – Hello friends, if you are looking for the Amazon Quiz Contest Answers, then you are on the right place. We are regularly sharing the Amazon Quiz All Answers. This is another quiz for today. This is Amazon OnePlust 6T Quiz Contest in Which You Will Win OnePlust 6T Smartphone on Giving of Quiz Answers. Offer is valid for all users and only valid for Amazon app. So just give answer of 5 question and get chance to win OnePlus 6T. So hurry up and grab this amazing.

amazon oneplus 6t quiz answer

How to Participate in Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz :-

  • First download – Amazon app
  • Login or Sign up your account.
  • You will see the Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz Contest Banner.
  • Click on it.
  • You will see Questions.
  • Give the answers.
  • Complete the Quiz.
  • If you will lucky then you will get OnePlus 6T.


Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz Answers 27th March 2019 :-

Q1) Which planet in our solar system is named after the Roman god of war?

Answer : Mars

Q2) Which of these countries does NOT have a standing army?

Answer : Iceland

Q3) The Ao language is spoken in which of the following States?

Answer : Nagaland

Q4) Which place in India holds the Guinness World Record for being the wettest place on Earth?

Answer : Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Q5) Monarch Edward IV of England ruled which sport illegal in 1477?

Answer : Cricket

Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz Answers 10th February 2019 :-

Q1) Which planet in our solar system has the shortest day?

Answer : Jupiter

Q2) Which planet in our solar system has the shortest day?

Answer : True

Q3) Which fruit is thrown during the annual food-fight festival in Bunol, Spain?

Answer : Tomato

Q4) Who is the youngest person to ever be awarded the Nobel prize?

Answer : Malala Yousafzai

Q5) In 1971, Alan Shepard played ______ on the moon, making him the only person to ever play this sport anywhere other than Earth. Which sport was it?

Answer : Golf

Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz Answers 6th January 2019 :-

Q1) Which one of these figure from Greek Mythology causes people to turn to stone?

Answer : Medusa

Q2) Launched in October 2008, Chandrayaan-1 was India’s first lunar probe.

Answer : TRUE

Q3) Indian Railways has recently developed which AI-powered robot to check for faults in trains?

Answer : Ustaad

Q4) Which Indian scientist won the Nobel prize for Physics in 1930 for pioneering work on scattering of light?

Answer : Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman

Q5) The book ‘281 and Beyond’ is an autobiography of which Indian cricketer?

Answer : VVS Laxman

Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz Answers 17th December 2018 :-

Q1. Former top ranking pro golfer Vijay Singh is from which country?

Answer : Fiji

Q2. In India, what is the function of the train known as the Lifeline Express?

Answer : Hospital

Q3. Which of these countries was NOT a Soviet Republic in USSR?

Answer : Serbia

Q4. In which language was the classic work of Leo Tolstoy, ‘War and Peace’ originally written in?

Answer : Russian

Q5. In which year did India join the United Nations?

Answer : 1945

Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz Answers 6th December 2018 :-

Q1. Which of these birds is known for laying its eggs in the nests of other birds?

Answer : Cuckoo

Q2. Which is the world’s largest living fish?

Answer : Whale Shark

Q3. ‘Anura’ is the scientific name for which animal?

Answer : Frog

Q4. Which animal has the highest blood pressure in the world?

Answer : Giraffe

Q5. Which mountain peak is farthest from the center of the Earth?

Answer : Mount Chimborazo


Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz Answers 25th November 2018 :-

Q1. Who was the last Indian to receive the Nobel Prize (as of 2018)?

Answer : Kailash Satyarthi

Q2. The fabric for these kind of pants first emerged in Genoa, Italy and they’re believed to be named after the city. Which are these?

Answer : Jeans

Q3. The point on earth that’s closest to the moon is NOT the top of Mount Everest.

Answer : True

Q4. Tokyo is the capital of which country?

Answer : Japan

Q5. In which year was the Euro introduced to the world financial markets?

Answer : 1999


Terms & Conditions of Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz :-

  • This Contest will commence on 25 November from 08:00:01 a.m. (IST) to 12:00:00 p.m. (IST) (“Contest Period”)
  • In order to be eligible for the Contest, during the Contest Period you must sign-in to or sign-up from an account on the Amazon.in App (“Amazon.in App”).
  • Once you have signed-in to the Amazon.in App, you can participate by navigating to the page where 5 (five) questions will be posted during the entire Contest Period.
  • Thereafter, if you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be entitled for a lucky draw which will be carried out amongst participants who have answered that particular question correctly.
  • The draw of lots will be carried out during the Contest Period for the questions and a total of 1 participant will be selected as winners by a random draw of lots.
  • The declared winner(s) will be eligible for winning OnePlus 6T (hereinafter referred to as “Prize(s)”).


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